Episode 4

Published on:

4th Aug 2020

Part One : Ending The Rape Culture in the Philippines

In this episode, we will discuss sexual violence, but specifically the rape culture in the Philippines. 

This is the first of the two-part episode that we’re having for this topic: what it is exactly, why it exists and persists, and how do we end it as women and as a society that wants to realize genuine equality and development as a nation. 

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About the Podcast

Kumusta, Kumare!
Kumusta Kumare! Is the podcast program of NAPIESV’s Bersama-sama Project in the Philippines.
"Kumusta, Kumare!" Is the podcast program of the National Asians & Pacific Islanders Ending Sexual Violence (NAPIESV) Bersama-Sama Project in the Philippines. We will focus on issues affecting women & girls in the Philippines and connect this to Filipino Diaspora in the United States.

Kumusta is, of course, "How are you?” while Kumare (pronounced koo-mah-re) is a borrowed term from the Spanish comadre literally translated as co-mother. Technically, Filipinos use kumare or it's shortened form "mare" in addressing their children’s godmothers but more commonly as a term of endearment, more like how one would use the term “sister/sistah”.