Episode 5

Published on:

20th Aug 2020

Part Two: Ending Rape Culture in the Philippines

This is the second part of our discussion on Ending Rape Culture in the Philippines. At our last episode, we discussed in detail and dispelled the different rape myths which, even to this day, are still largely accepted as truths by a lot of folks and institutions here in the Philippines and around the world. This time, we will talk about what exactly is rape culture, its roots, and how women, throughout our history, persistently and fiercely struggle to overcome it. 

Music Credits

Hard Fought Victory -- https://www.purple-planet.com

"Babaylan" -- composed by Tony Palis and performed by Talahib People's Music. Live multitrack recording at the CStudio.

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About the Podcast

Kumusta, Kumare!
Kumusta Kumare! Is the podcast program of NAPIESV’s Bersama-sama Project in the Philippines.
"Kumusta, Kumare!" Is the podcast program of the National Asians & Pacific Islanders Ending Sexual Violence (NAPIESV) Bersama-Sama Project in the Philippines. We will focus on issues affecting women & girls in the Philippines and connect this to Filipino Diaspora in the United States.

Kumusta is, of course, "How are you?” while Kumare (pronounced koo-mah-re) is a borrowed term from the Spanish comadre literally translated as co-mother. Technically, Filipinos use kumare or it's shortened form "mare" in addressing their children’s godmothers but more commonly as a term of endearment, more like how one would use the term “sister/sistah”.